I have been busy.  Last week between going in to work early and working from home I had 36 hours on my time sheet as opposed to my usual < 24!  On top of that I spent Saturday down at the local grange from 8am until 9:30pm getting 18 scrapbook pages complete…an entire Disney book from last year’s trip.  Then Sunday was spent catching up on things, laundry, scrubbing the seats in my car, vacuuming the house including baseboards, cleaning and cooking and doing some shopping.  Then I got up early Monday and continued the early starts all over again.  I have been going to sleep by 10 every night and sleeping until about 9am every morning and I am still exhausted all day.  I am off to the Dr tomorrow at Noon before the Princesses field trip to Applebees at 1:15.  Then it’s off to work.  I have yet another sinus infection, the 4th of the season.  The end of this month I have an appointment with my old ENT so I am going to see if I need another sucking out done LOL.  But, before that happens, on the 16ht of this month, I have a MRI scheduled due to recurring migraines, dizziness and numbness in my head and face, so loads of fun going on in the old body here!  I am assuming most of it is STRESS related since all this extra work is because it is the beginning of preparations for our annual fundraiser function.  I love planning for it, but it is SO busy at work otherwise, that the planning is just a lot more now than it was last year!!  So, that is my quick and over due update for now.  Will stop by again as much as I can!

On the upside…..DISNEY IS BOOKED!!!!!!!!!!