Some excitement was to be had for the old folks this week!  As I was in my MRI tube, little did I know what was happening!  When I came out, FROZEN LIKE A POPSICLE, and sat in my car in the sun warming I turned on my cell phone to a message from Mr. Big.  He was taken to the ER with his hand slashed open.  Ended up with 8 stitches in the pinky and the other fingers bandaged up.  Luckily I had a very short day at work and was able to head home.  We then went out for supper as we were all spent and didn’t feel well.  Then we picked up my scripts at the pharmacy and I dropped off Princess and Mr Big at the park then ran to Kohl’s for some things.  Kohl’s is great to make one feel better on a bad day.

Now we are heading into our 7th Anniversary weekend with no idea what we are doing.  I keep being asked what I want for a gift, where I want to eat, etc but I really don’t know.  I will have to do some research.  I am thinking I would just like to try somewhere new, no idea where though, then head shoe shopping.  I want a couple pair of Crocs I think.  Then I would like to surprise Mr. Big and take him to pick out a sewing machine.  He has been asking for one.  (yea, him, not me)  I also would not mind hitting the handbag outlet store for a new purse or two.  So, we shall see what happens.  Will take any dinner suggestions!

Let’s hope the weekend is uneventful!