Question: What happens when a 4.5 and 3 year old girl have their own ideas about a window in a room alone?

So, I had the neighbor girl, who Princess calls Meg, over for a while this evening, as I do almost every Sunday and Monday. They always play in the Princess Bedroom either with the Barbie like dolls or with the Chef Tony Kitchen. Well, Princess has this cleaning thing – I swear she has some OCD in her. She took my (yes MY) wipes from the bathroom (whole other post there!!) and was cleaning the window sill and decided she needed to open the screen to get it cleaned well enough. A quote from later in the night “boy that screen is really hard to open mommy” Really? ugh. Anyhow. The girls had moved festivities to the front yard and I just happened to be headed through the kitchen when the neighbor behind us appeared at the kitchen door. “I just wanted to tell you that Ringo is on the back roof” says Patti. My first thought was “WHAT?” I just bolted through the house, made a quick stop at the front door and shouted out at Mr. Big that he was on the roof to which I hear, while continuing the bolt up the stairs, “How did he get up there??” Well, gee, let me stop to ponder and answer you Mr Big! One would have thought he would have been right behind me, but Nope! So, there I was on a stool, calling to Ringo the cat as he was trying to catch his footing (no front claws) and moved slowly towards me. Then, just as he was in arms reach – plop! He did the cat – back roll. HELLO!! I am not going to belly rub you on the roof!! Finally he got close enough that I got on my toes, hung out the window and did the mommy cat grab on him and pulled him in. In the meantime, the girls had made their way in to the potty. Princess was on doing her business while Meg was visiting with her. I proceeded to asked if they knew where Ringo was, how he got there and how the screen got open. Their eyes got big as saucers. I asked if she knew what would have happened had he fallen off! She told me “he would have been hurt and had to go to the hospital” Well, the second floor drop would have done way more to 10 pound Mr. Ringo, so later when I told her only Mommy and Daddy open the screen (hence the hard to open comment) I explained that he would have went to Heaven had he fallen off the roof today. Never a dull moment!! Tomorrow, Princess gets to visit over there and give us a break!! Ay yi yi.

Did I mention this was after she was throwing chalk up on the roof out front?? Mind you, I did not know whether to yell DONT THROW CHALK ON THE ROOF or yell WHAT AN ARM!! I did neither as I could not decide, told daddy to watch and he took care of the yelling part. Smart? Yes I am.