So, Princess requested we play a game while she stole my snack we had a snack together.  She almost always picks Candyland.  Her and I played 2 games then it was daddy’s turn.  One of mommy’s Candyland “rules” I guess you can call it is if I pick the Ice Cream Cone card she makes a deal with me and I always give in and trade her for what she picks.  I Know, I Know, but heck, she is only little once, what’s the big deal??  Well, daddy didn’t know this rule and what were the chances he was going to pick that card, in game 3, at 9:30, after gym day at school, dance class, a trip to the park and a bath night??  I was engrossed in the TV (with my new snack- all my own which I ended up sharing also!) when the chaos began.  No!  I picked that card so I go there, says Mr. Big.  “MOMMY!  Daddy won’t give me the ice cream cone!”  So I calmly explain to daddy that yes, I do give her the cone, no other cards, just the cone, cause she LOVES the cone.  He tells me she is going to lose friends by playing this way, I say he is nuts.  She, meanwhile, is still in the midst of 4 year old, night time melt down mode when he says “OK, so if you go on the ice cream cone where do I go then?”  <insert that I am laughing so hard at remembering the sight of this as I try to type- a total you had to be there moment> She picks up his little green man, and says, loudly I might add, “You’re just out of here!!!!!!!”   and CHUCKS the green man across the room.  I died.  I was on my side, in the chair, in hysterics.  Princess won.  Game Over.