So, I went for my ENT follow-up to see what the CT scan showed.  I was able to look at my own CT Scan on the computer and the PAC showed me how to use the mouse to see the different views, it was pretty cool.  The outcome of the scan though, not so cool.  The left side has a polyp on it.  The right side is completely blocked at my nose sinuses.  Explains a ton.  Why the meds are not working, why I am constantly either plugged or dripping, etc etc.  All the tissues are massively swollen in there.  The PAC, Daniel, is very kind and said to me “didn’t you have surgery?” and then something to the effect of not expecting to be back at the beginning again.  I told him I did 3 years ago and was told at that time that due to the extent of what was going on in there coupled with the extent of severe allergies that I have I would likely be back again.  He then went off to get the ENT and told me I could play with the computer and look at my scan some more, but seriously, how much can one look at the inside of your face??  So, because the meds are not working due to the swelling there were only 2 choices on the menu.  #1 being surgery of course.  #2 being a round of steroids.  Well, I choose #2, but after 3 days of this choice I am afraid I am going to have to make a call on Tuesday and see how quickly I can get off of these things.  I have had a headache since starting, face has broke out, I feel exhausted, the hunger of course, and acid reflux or something of that nature, tummy issues.  But, my biggest gripe is going to be the headaches and just tell them I cannot possible do 2 full weeks of this and want to wean off asap.  I am pretty sure just being on a few days I can stop completely, but I won’t do it until I speak to them.  I will just tell the nurse, who I assume I will talk to on the phone, that I don’t even need to come back for the re-check, let’s just let him go in and clean me out.  I won’t do anything right away- have to make sure everyone is settled at work (new person) and want to find out what my down time will be.  I did not work with my first Surgery.  Princess was about 21 months old and I was staying at home with her then so I have no idea what recovery time was and I did not have the stress of worrying about it.  I do know there was a bit of time I was unable to pick her up though.  But, I remember not feeling bad at all right afterwards.  It was just the nosebleeds that sucked the worst after, so I am guessing a week will probably be all I need.  And I will have to schedule around my MIL vacation so I have someone to take Princess and I don’t have to worry about her.  So it will be end of July or sometime in August.  In the meantime I will stick to the new meds he gave me, 2 nasal sprays and try to do more of the nasal washes though they sting on the one side.  I will see what plays out on Tuesday when I call–I don’t want them to think I wimped out on the drugs, I usually do well, but I am just not tolerating them well at all.  So, there we have my newest illness report.  Stay tuned for the next installment.  LOL