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JUNE 29th marks the ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY of my blog!!

I will not be around that day.  We are leaving tomorrow morning for the shore.  (OC, MD) I will not return until Tuesday night.  I don’t really have any special intentions of celebrating the one year since I think like 3 people read this thing (Well, if more do comments from everyone for my blog’s birthday would be nice!!)  But, I just wanted to recognize the day!!

Enjoy reading some things while I am basking in the sun, listening to the ocean waves, smelling the salty air and RELAXING!!!


I was on Top and like to check out the new contenders when they post.  Well, I found a new blog to read that I liked and what do you know, she was having a contest!!  It was my first visit there so I told her how I found her and entered….and I WON!!

Go visit Mindy at her blog:  Mindy Said

Thanks again Mindy!!!!!!

October 7, 1936 – June 26, 1989   Continue to R.I.P.  Mom and please keep sending me those dimes just when I need them.  I love you!

In honor of the 19th anniversary of my mother’s passing, please educate yourself and others.  She was only 52 years old and was told in her 30’s when the problems started she was “too young”

The Heart Truth

So, this Sunday marked the 5th birthday of our little gift from heaven. I cannot even wrap my head around the fact that she is already 5!

June 22, 2003 8:19am 6lbs 14oz 20inches long

Here she is just a few weeks old….

She was such a tiny little thing. She was in preemie diapers for about a month because she had such a little hiney! She came home from the hospital weighing in at under 6 pounds!

I was unable to breastfeed, sadly, but we decided on giving her goat milk (second to mother’s milk in every way) and it really helped her thrive!

Here she is at 6 months old….

You can see she was a happy baby! She kept us laughing and smiling all the time. She has not lost this sense of joy in her either. She is just a happy and bubbly little girl who is full of life and love.

Here she is at 2 years old. She had a severe addiction to her pacifiers. She was 2 months shy of turning 3 years old when that last “gucky” went away. She would sleep with one in each hand most nights! This is her being silly with 2 of them….

She is so smart too. Back when she was almost 2, little Marlowe was born. She used to see Carla feeding Marlowe so she decided that her baby also needed to eat. Please note, this is bedtime baby as she called her, but she finally got named about a year and a half ago. Ariel is her name, she is still bedtime baby and she still goes almost everywhere with us. Here she is feeding bedtime baby…..

Very serious work….

Looking at the photo above reminded me, she used to have a gap her in teeth. I thought she would be known for her gap like Lauren Bacall. But, it closed up once all the teeth were in at around 3 years old.

She is a joy in our lives and in all that know her. She is a camera ham. She is artistic and creative. She is a clown and loves to laugh and make us laugh. She poses for the camera, hams it up with people she just meets, makes a friend everywhere she goes, is social as a butterfly and has a kind heart. She is also stubborn and independent, has a mind of her own and knows how to use it and wants things to be her way or she will negotiate with you until she gets at least part of what she wants. We have no idea what we did before her or what life without her was like.

Happy 5th Birthday to our baby girl. Keep reaching for those stars because they are there for you to grab!

Enjoy some more random pictures of her hamming it up, clowning around and lastly, enjoying her special birthday weekend!!

*Easter eggs stuffed in her tiop

With her Ringo

*with her kitty, Ringo

*Preschool graduation day

*With her cake

*Riding her pony at her party

*Full of fun at the Olive Garden on her Birthday

And….there are the Princess Panties

You Are a Chocolate Shake

You are a total hedonist. You are drawn to pleasure.

You are an expressive, over the top person. You’re naturally dramatic.

You’re the type of person who always chooses quality over quantity.

Life’s too short to not have optimal experiences. You’re proud of being picky.

Who gets a virus in June, in the midst of a heat wave, a day before her huge dance recital & Father’s Day weekend??

Yep..that would be my child.

Quick visit to the Dr after I arrived home Thursday to find her laid out on daddy feeling horrible.

Fever? 103.3!!

Strep test? Negative.

Rash on her shoulder and chest?  Could be related.

What to do?  Tylenol, lots of rest and liquids for a few days.

Uh, doc…didn’t she tell you she has rehearsal tomorrow and recital on Saturday not to mention her other social engagements that she schedules!

Ay yi yi.

AP tally: Obama clinches Democratic nomination (AP)

This isn’t a link- just an announcement!

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