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So, as of this weekend, my princess is a full fledged swimmer AND puts her head all the way under the water!! We are SOOO proud of her! We, of course, won’t let her swim without us there without the floaters on her arms, but she does it when we are in and around the pool. My friend takes her to the pool with them, but there is one of her and 3 kids so I do not trust something to not happen. I trust my friend, but if one of the kids had an issue and another happened to at the same time, I do not want to put all that on her. Anyhow, she is doing wonderful and we are thrilled WE got to teach her rather than a stranger she does not trust. She is just awesome!


Well, she screamed through the whole thing!!  Why?  Because she was WORRIED about the possible shot she didn’t even know if she was getting or not!!  Plus, she ended up having a virus she got 2 days before the visit so he had to do a strep test on her.  Oh Fun.  I did not get to ask him most of my questions because of all the carrying on so I Am going to call this week to see if I can either come in to see him alone, with her under the promise he will not do a thing to her! or talk to him on the phone.  I never had a 5 minute well visit before!  Her height and weight are in the 75%ile and she is testing at 6 years old developmentally, but she tested the same last year.  They used to same test I Did last year and I just had to answer if the 2 NO’s on the questions had changed.  I would have liked a test to see if she was further than that this year, but whatever.  So, she is well!  yay!

SO many people who know us know we have 2 cats.  Ringo, who you see all the time and in plenty of pcitures and then there is Gabby (Gabriella) who is very much a mystery to most people, some of said people do not believe she actually exists!  I finally have some proof!!  Here they are loving on each other…. SO there you go all you non-believers!!

Mr. Big decided on a Subaru Outback for his new vehicle.  It is a great car and fun to drive, handles the curves great too – ask me how I know.  LOL

LOL!  Ringo the cat got VERY comfy at his nap today! 

In case you needed proof of the addiction…here she is dancing in her new dress to the movie.

Again…click on each pic to see a larger image.

For Jenna’s 5th birthday, one of the gifts we bought her was a butterfly pavillion. The caterpillars came this weekend so we are waiting for them to get ready to put in the house! Here are some pics… click on the picture to make it bigger.


Nope, not the kind you use on your hair.  The movie and the sound track.  Ask me if I know every word of the movie and every song!  That would be a YES!!  Now ask me if *I* am the one addicted.  That would be a NO!  Jenna is in love with this movie.  She has already decided she is going to be Tracy Turnblad for Halloween!!  No one will know who she is though!  LOL  The MAIN reason she is in love with the movie is because she has a major crush on Link!  She adored him from HSM 1 and 2 and now is so excited that he is in this movie!  What am I in for when she is a teen?  Posters all over!  LOL

After 2 weekend of working with Jenna really well she can now swim!!  She could swim like a fish with the arm floaties on so we knew she could do it without!  I held her up by her belly and back and slowly started letting go and she would swim to daddy.  Then he started backing up into the deep end so she could not put her feet down.  Mind you, she yells or makes some kind of non-protest every time, but she loves it!   She is a little scared, but loves it.  She is also working on going under.  She gets up to her eyes and comes back up!  It’s supposed to be hot the rest of the week so we will see if we can get in the pool some during the week too!  I am so excited because I was 13 before I actually learned to swim due to a bad private swim teacher at the Y when  I was 7!

At the prodding of my friend Shan (who by the way, has a million pics of her beautiful child but leaves the winter one up!!) who keeps asking me for a trip update I suppose I should do one.

It was pretty uneventful. We stayed at a condo on ASSAWOMAN Drive in OC, MD with our friends. Mason and Jenna are great friends and have been since Jenna was about 14 months old. They met on the playground of the Elementary School where they will both be starting this Fall!

We hit the beach the first two days, but the next two we did not. Carla and I had just about had it with sand all over, in the hair, blah blah. We took all the kids to Pizza Hut on Saturday night so Carla and Kenny could have a night out and then they did the same the next night. On Brian and my night we went to the outlets in Rohobeth and I got some great deals at the Children’s Place and the Gap. $2.99 jeans being one such deal. We then ate at a little place down the road from where we stayed that we love. They have the best hoagie sandwiches!

The first night we walked the Boardwalk, had dinner at an irish pub and spent some time at the amusement park. We accidently traumatized the two older kids. They wanted to ride in the “haunted house” Marlowe wanted to go with me and the 2 bigger kids together- so we did. Marlowe and I were behind them. It did get dark and there was a few things that lit up, but all in all it was just bumpy. I had no clue what we would come out to when we came out of the house. Jenna clinging to Brian, crying hyterically; Mason doing the same to his father. They were terrified in there! I never even thought about them being bothered, especially being together. We only wished we had video taped it for AFHV and won the money!

It was nice to get away. We have another beach trip planned in October for the week of my birthday (yes, I get a whole week!) We are going to Myrtle Beach for 8 days. We booked the biggest room at this place. It’s the Oceanfront Type 14 room. Hopefully I will get to meet a couple of the other mom’s from my 2003 babies group!

For the night of my birthday I am going to make reservations here Mr. Big was pretty shocked that I would be into somewhere like that for a dinner show, but I think it will be fun!

That’s about it for now!! CIAO

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