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My baby knows every word to this song and sings it constantly.  We listened to this in the car a gazillion times today and she loves to sing it with the same twang Reese has!!  Listen to the first line – it’s hysterical to listen to her sing it!!!


As Princess J’s tastes in music continue to develop and stay very eclectic, much like mommy’s taste, she found a new song today while we were out all day.  This one played about 15 times and I still have it in my head!  Of course, this is less times then the second fav of the day (which isn’t a new fav but I will blog about that after I post this one)

This is one of my all time favorite heavy metal songs so she has good taste- we are just happy she doesn’t really get the song yet!

I found this posted over at a blog that I love…. Uppercase Woman

It’s so funny because it is true!


So, tonight was Kindergarten orientation.  Needless to say on Friday J and I will be going through a whole pile of paperwork.  Between school, Y-care that I Will use on early dismissal days, cheerleading papers, dance papers, learn about lunch and decorate a fish which require me to drag my big scrapbook tote out!  Anyhow, I was watching her sit up front on the floor with her classmates and got misty.  I cannot even wrap my head around how we can be in school now!!  So, Princess J requested something to eat afterwards so we headed to the McD’s drivethru (yes, it was a bad parenting night LOL) while I went through the envelope of papers Miss Wagner gave us.  The last thing she included was a poem.  Basically telling us while we are crying she will be taking care of our children and loving them like her own.  I bawled.  Worst of all, my friend Carla, whose son is starting also (Jenna’s best guy) is a teacher so she cannot be there!  I am meeting a couple friends for lunch that day so I will have a couple hours to keep myself busy before I go pick her up.  She was excited after seeing her room and meeting her teacher but it just made it too much more real for momma.  *sigh*

We had over 45 straight minutes of storms here today.  It started off innocently enough as a rainstorm with a little wind and rain then it developed into something that had people pulling off the road and waiting for half an hour in their cars, people crawling down the streets in the flooded roads and enough hail that we thought it had snowed!!  You will also find a picture of wind blown Jenna’s hair after all the activity.  She is our little storm chaser and loves being out in the middle of them.

Here is Jenna Christmas of 2005 (she was 2.5) getting a phone call from Santa clause, being a wiggle worm and not holding very still for the camera, and giving up her last pacifier to Santa.

Here Jenna is the summer she turned 2. A very small snip of Twinkle Twinkle was sung before she had to run off after Ringo the cat.

My baby is soon heading off to Kindergarten so this is dedicated to her and she starts making her way out into the big world… I love you more than anything in this world my baby girl.


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