So, tonight was Kindergarten orientation.  Needless to say on Friday J and I will be going through a whole pile of paperwork.  Between school, Y-care that I Will use on early dismissal days, cheerleading papers, dance papers, learn about lunch and decorate a fish which require me to drag my big scrapbook tote out!  Anyhow, I was watching her sit up front on the floor with her classmates and got misty.  I cannot even wrap my head around how we can be in school now!!  So, Princess J requested something to eat afterwards so we headed to the McD’s drivethru (yes, it was a bad parenting night LOL) while I went through the envelope of papers Miss Wagner gave us.  The last thing she included was a poem.  Basically telling us while we are crying she will be taking care of our children and loving them like her own.  I bawled.  Worst of all, my friend Carla, whose son is starting also (Jenna’s best guy) is a teacher so she cannot be there!  I am meeting a couple friends for lunch that day so I will have a couple hours to keep myself busy before I go pick her up.  She was excited after seeing her room and meeting her teacher but it just made it too much more real for momma.  *sigh*