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Well, today, this rainy Sunday, I spent most of the morning making reservations and planning what we will do on my Birthday week vacation.  I booked the Celebration package at the Medieval Times (we will each get a piece of cake and some other goodies).  I also decided against the Dixie Stampede since it would be almost $200 for everything (I wanted the upgrades) and went for the Groovy show instead.  Its music of the 60-70-80’s.  We got something like second row seats.  Then I went to check out tickets for the Cirque show and I ended up with second row left on a day that all tickets were the same price (cheaper!).  I am only worried about the concert show because they stop doing afternoon shows in Sept.  so it does not start until 8pm. Hopefully we can work in a nap that day!  I also put on my list the Ripley’s Aquarium, Build a Bear workshop, Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, Planet Hollywood, the Safari Jeep Tours and a Dolphin watching boat.  I expect I will spend the evening that we arrive in the lobby gathering information on all the attractions.  Some of the places will pick you up at the hotel and since we are in one of the resort hotels I am sure they will come.  I am hoping for some kind of taxi or trolley service (or bus-whatever) so we do not have to figure our way around!  I am also praying for a laundry service!  haha!


As stated in a precious post, the Princess likes to buy her lunches.  This past week she decided to try something she had not really had before.  Everyday when she gets home I ask her how was school, what did you have for lunch and did anyone get a yellow fish.  Well, we were changing and she told me “mommy, you know they put gravy on that raspberry steak and the potatoes- it was yummy!”  I had to tell her she ate Salisbury steak and not raspberry!

So Princess LOVES Daddy to try and help her try the crane machines whenver they are somewhere that they have one.  We have learned to try to always keep coins on us.  Everyone knows with those machines its a big crap shoot if they will grab it tight enough or not!  Well, they ran up to the local IGA one evening and she came home with Sylvester the cat dressed like a Pirate.  There is a tag on him that has pictures of all the Looney Tunes characters so he started to point to them and ask her who they are.  Mind you, she has never seen a Looney Tunes cartoon.   I could not see the tag but the first thing he pointed to she said with a loud and proud voice “Chocolate Milk Bunny!!”  I laughed so hard!!  Daddy explained to her that was Bugs Bunny.  But, it was a good guess!

Wow!  I did not realize how far behind I was until someone pointed it out!!

The first day of school went well, with the exception of the death of “blue” the fish on the first day!!  After school we went to get a new Betta and also a frog- the frog has since passed away too.

Mommy cried (did not let Jenna see that!) then mommy consoled herself by dropping a big mint at Best Buy.  I got us a brand new top of the line video camera.  If you have ever seen my You Tube videos you will see the other “digital” recorder we had stunk!!  It clicks while recording and you must have tons and tons of lighting or you see shawdows only.  I still have to fully figure it out, but I will do that this week since she is cheering in the Homecoming half time show!  And will be in the parade the night before.

She loves to buy her lunch instead of packing.  I have no idea why, I loathed school lunches.  She has cheer practice on Tue/Thurs and games on Saturdays.  Dance is Monday evening.  SPARK (a physical fitness program) is now starting this week and is Tues-Thurs until 4:45 right after school.   This should make cheer practice nights very interesting!  And it’s not like we live where we can run through a drive-thru all the time.  I guess I will have to figure out what dinner works best to eat and be back out the door in 1/2 hour!!  PB&J everyone??

Here are photos of her first day.

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