Well, today, this rainy Sunday, I spent most of the morning making reservations and planning what we will do on my Birthday week vacation.  I booked the Celebration package at the Medieval Times (we will each get a piece of cake and some other goodies).  I also decided against the Dixie Stampede since it would be almost $200 for everything (I wanted the upgrades) and went for the Groovy show instead.  Its music of the 60-70-80’s.  We got something like second row seats.  Then I went to check out tickets for the Cirque show and I ended up with second row left on a day that all tickets were the same price (cheaper!).  I am only worried about the concert show because they stop doing afternoon shows in Sept.  so it does not start until 8pm. Hopefully we can work in a nap that day!  I also put on my list the Ripley’s Aquarium, Build a Bear workshop, Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, Planet Hollywood, the Safari Jeep Tours and a Dolphin watching boat.  I expect I will spend the evening that we arrive in the lobby gathering information on all the attractions.  Some of the places will pick you up at the hotel and since we are in one of the resort hotels I am sure they will come.  I am hoping for some kind of taxi or trolley service (or bus-whatever) so we do not have to figure our way around!  I am also praying for a laundry service!  haha!