Wow!  I did not realize how far behind I was until someone pointed it out!!

The first day of school went well, with the exception of the death of “blue” the fish on the first day!!  After school we went to get a new Betta and also a frog- the frog has since passed away too.

Mommy cried (did not let Jenna see that!) then mommy consoled herself by dropping a big mint at Best Buy.  I got us a brand new top of the line video camera.  If you have ever seen my You Tube videos you will see the other “digital” recorder we had stunk!!  It clicks while recording and you must have tons and tons of lighting or you see shawdows only.  I still have to fully figure it out, but I will do that this week since she is cheering in the Homecoming half time show!  And will be in the parade the night before.

She loves to buy her lunch instead of packing.  I have no idea why, I loathed school lunches.  She has cheer practice on Tue/Thurs and games on Saturdays.  Dance is Monday evening.  SPARK (a physical fitness program) is now starting this week and is Tues-Thurs until 4:45 right after school.   This should make cheer practice nights very interesting!  And it’s not like we live where we can run through a drive-thru all the time.  I guess I will have to figure out what dinner works best to eat and be back out the door in 1/2 hour!!  PB&J everyone??

Here are photos of her first day.