So Princess LOVES Daddy to try and help her try the crane machines whenver they are somewhere that they have one.  We have learned to try to always keep coins on us.  Everyone knows with those machines its a big crap shoot if they will grab it tight enough or not!  Well, they ran up to the local IGA one evening and she came home with Sylvester the cat dressed like a Pirate.  There is a tag on him that has pictures of all the Looney Tunes characters so he started to point to them and ask her who they are.  Mind you, she has never seen a Looney Tunes cartoon.   I could not see the tag but the first thing he pointed to she said with a loud and proud voice “Chocolate Milk Bunny!!”  I laughed so hard!!  Daddy explained to her that was Bugs Bunny.  But, it was a good guess!