I am beside myself with excitement, elation and joy!  I explained to Princess tonight how Barback Obama will be:


America’s First Black President!*

Bless her heart she was honestly shocked and asked me: “Why!!?”  I did not have an answer but I told her it was a wonderful time for us to be alive and finally see something like this happen.  We said a prayer for Barack and she asked Jesus to help him win. (Is that ok to ask lol)  I also explained to her that people look different on the outside because we all have different color skin, different faces, we are different sizes, but none of it matters and she agreed and understood.  I love the pureness of a child.  She has no idea what kind of history was just made.  More than anything, the right PERSON for the job has been chosen.

*I actually used the word “brown” because Princess told me a long time ago that (her friends) were brown, not black and that we are pink not white so we use the word brown for her.