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I have heard so much about it I decided to check it out.  I Only have one follower and two people I am following (my followers husband is the other).  I have only figured out how to post an update and nothing else but it looks like a little fun!


My friend Shannon —blog here — is at the local hospital right now with her 2 1/2 year old little girl.  She has been very sick for quite some time now.  They know she will soon get tubes in her ears due to infections that will not clear up, but right now she is totally dehydrated from throwing up too much.  They are having some problems getting an IV in due to this.  They have the IV Team on the way and hopefully they can get her hooked up and re-hydrated soon!  Everyone please send out some prayers for Lore and her exhasuetd momma and daddy.

We are off to bowl today (glow bowl wheee) then going to M&J’s house for games, food, drinks and to ring in the new year.  This all while praying we do not get ice and snow to have to deal with!!  I have to get my butt in gear and get the sloppy joes in the crock pot, call Mr Big to pick up the ingredients for the 7 layer dip and get clothes dried, my bowling bag upstairs, get a shower and get ready!  I woke up early though I wanted to sleep in so I would make it to after Midnight but I guess that is what tomorrow will be for! 

Everyone have a Safe and Happy ringing in of the New Year!  2009 is going to be a banner year for a New ME and I am so excited (more on that in the future!)

Well, my computer is in the hospital….first check revealed 365 viruses!  What?!  Or HOLY CRAP as I said to her on the phone..and that was just the free check.  I was having an issue with my fire wall so I assume that is what did it.  So, I went and rented a laptop like I did when we went on vacation.  I got a brand new Toshiba…its a great computer.  I can’t wait until we buy a new laptop in a couple years- want to get the other toys paid completely off first!  I won’t post much here because its just hard to get used to typing on here!

Track Santa here

Boy this works for bedtime – this and a phone call to daddy’s cell phone from upstairs!  She is SO excited she had such a hard time settling in, but once she did she passed out!  She was so rammy in church – not bad- just rammy that we left at communion.  We went to Buca for supper and the waitress took her to the kitchen to collect some dough and a tray which kept her busy most of the meal.  I left the waitress a special Christmas tip (40%) for helping meal time along!  I took some photos of the tree- its so pretty with all the presents around it.  I am, however, too tired to unload my camera for a few pics so it will have to wait.  And a bit tipsy to boot so I best head to bed.  The Peach Bellinis did me in.  Merry Christmas to all – or happy/merry whatever you celebrate.  I am expecting a very early morning!!



Looks like we will have a wintry mix until all rain this afternoon so any plans of heading out to last minute sales are going to go against so people’s plans.

Having family over around 2:00 today for gifts then we will head to services at 6pm.  I have to call this morning to see where is open to eat besides the chinse buffet at 7:30.  Though we like the buffet somewhere else would be nice.

Off to start my cleaning before we have company!!

Friday night/Saturday morning at 2am Princess woke up and wanted to cuddle up to me.  I quickly noticed she was very warm.  I took her temp and it was 102.3!  She has said to me right before she fell asleep (quickly and early I might add) that she did not feel good.  Well, we headed down to get her something for the fever and something for her nose.  She then decided she needed to wake her daddy because she fell asleep so early she did not get to say good night.  She laid with him and talked and talked…she seems to get a bit hyper with a fever.  Anyhow, she asked him to hang her out the window- like we do when she wakes up croupy from an asthma attack.  She was breathing fine and not much of a cough so he told her she did not need to go out the window.  She told him she has bats in her cave (what she calls a filled nose) and she thought maybe they would fly out if she was at the window.  Then she said to me that she knows she just goes out the window when she has the ruffs (she was meaning the croup) but she wanted to for her bats.  Silly girl!


We are having a storm come through.  It snows, rains, sleets and ices repeat, but not in that particular order.  Anyhow, school did not close but I kept mine home anyhow.  I knew there would be an early dismissal and I did not want want to end up driving in the mess.  I can’t believe it but dismissal is 2:30!!  It’s a MESS out here!  2:30 is just over an hour early – what the heck!  Anyhow, once I get some pictures loaded I will post a couple.  We made a popcorn/cranberry rope for the tree today.  I also cooked cookies and in one moment (after her nails we just painted dry) we will go frost and decorate the cookies.  Hopefully if she eats too many she will have a sugar crash so momma can take a nap too!  ha!

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