I have neglected my writing!  I have just been so busy.  I had my event – which was a HUGE success!!  We raised a ton of money and everyone had a great time.  I keep being told I need to be an event planner for a living, but I am not sure if my nerves could take planning more than one at a time!

Also, with the Holidays coming so quickly I have been shopping, wrapping and baking.  It is so fun that Princess can do so much more with me now!  She does have to work on the amount of frosting piled on the cookies though!  They never dry LOL!

She is going to have one busy busy Christmas morning!  I bought her SO MUCH stuff!  Why?  Because I can!  haha.  And I just Love to have piles of things for her – I only had one for a reason!

And – Mr. Big is pretty spoiled this year also!  More on that After Christmas!  But, I got a HUGE Bonus check so I decided I would use some of it too!  I am going to get my soap opera star white teeth some time after Christmas!   I am super excited!  The strips burn me so this will be much better because they block off your gums so the burning does not happen.  I will have some sensitivity issues but I am willing to suffer.  My teeth are very important to me and while they are not terribly discolored I just want them to be blinding white!

Speaking of Mr Big – he and I started a 6 month New You program at the hospital.  We have monthly meetings, weigh ins, food diarys etc and will see a Doc in month 5 to discuss the rest.  Classes end in March so we can schedule after that.  I Am super excited and ready for a NEW ME!

I am sure once I started now I will post a couple more things.  Going to try to stay more active!