Friday night/Saturday morning at 2am Princess woke up and wanted to cuddle up to me.  I quickly noticed she was very warm.  I took her temp and it was 102.3!  She has said to me right before she fell asleep (quickly and early I might add) that she did not feel good.  Well, we headed down to get her something for the fever and something for her nose.  She then decided she needed to wake her daddy because she fell asleep so early she did not get to say good night.  She laid with him and talked and talked…she seems to get a bit hyper with a fever.  Anyhow, she asked him to hang her out the window- like we do when she wakes up croupy from an asthma attack.  She was breathing fine and not much of a cough so he told her she did not need to go out the window.  She told him she has bats in her cave (what she calls a filled nose) and she thought maybe they would fly out if she was at the window.  Then she said to me that she knows she just goes out the window when she has the ruffs (she was meaning the croup) but she wanted to for her bats.  Silly girl!