Track Santa here

Boy this works for bedtime – this and a phone call to daddy’s cell phone from upstairs!  She is SO excited she had such a hard time settling in, but once she did she passed out!  She was so rammy in church – not bad- just rammy that we left at communion.  We went to Buca for supper and the waitress took her to the kitchen to collect some dough and a tray which kept her busy most of the meal.  I left the waitress a special Christmas tip (40%) for helping meal time along!  I took some photos of the tree- its so pretty with all the presents around it.  I am, however, too tired to unload my camera for a few pics so it will have to wait.  And a bit tipsy to boot so I best head to bed.  The Peach Bellinis did me in.  Merry Christmas to all – or happy/merry whatever you celebrate.  I am expecting a very early morning!!