Since they live fairly close to where we live (same county now) I started watching the show when it started (or soon after) and have read and researched a lot on the internet and even joined and now own one and run another message board group on the site Cafe Mom.  Here is the link to the group that I own…

The group that I Admin is not taking new members so there is no need to link it.  There is a LOT of disagreement between the two “sides”  You have fans and non fans -or- as some people call it Lovers and Haters.  I do not use the word hate so I would never call someone that.  I consider myself to be on the fence.  I watch the show and I love the kids.  A lot of people cry exploitation of the kids and while I do think too much of their lives are shown and they do not “seem” to have a lot of privacy, I do not think they are being abused and exploited in the same way others do.  I really like Jon for the most part- he is funny and laid back.  Kate gets on my nerves mostly though once in awhile something comes up that tickles me.  I do not care for the fact that they are living off of having 8 kids and they do nothing else to contribute to society.  Writing a book about the same things we see on the show does not count.  Neither does going around on speaking engagements.  I do not see them as inspiring so the engagements are for their financial gain so they do not have to get , real jobs.  They did not invent the large family.  It does not matter that you have kids the same age- people who foster and adopt have that happen all the time.  What are you contributing to other than showing America how to live free??  They get free clothing (this is a fact!), free trips because they go and “advertise” for wherever they are, free food and drinks, free toys and get to now live in a 1.3 million dollar home because of it.  Did they pay for the home?  We will never know, but if they are in fact paying the mortgage they are doing it from the earnings on the show – which they would not have without those 6 kids so in fact, they are living off the lives of their children.  I think the day will come that we have a book and made for TV move a la Christine Crawford style.  In the meantime, I love this article that I found.  It sums up just about all my feelings about the show and the family.  It is New Years Resolutions for Kate.–New-Years-resolutions-for-Kate

I do think she is somewhat detached emotionally from her children.  An example is the episode that Jon made a Korean dinner for everyone.  Little Aaden was sad that it was not his turn to go with daddy.  She told him to either come make a project or get in the corner.  He sat in the corner and continued to cry.  She then told him to stop crying or go to his bed.  He opted for his room.  She never once touched the child.  How about a down to his level hug and say something like “I am sorry you are sad but it is not your turn”  NO affection for him or his feelings.  She later stated “they are old enough to know better”  A 4 year old is not emotionally stable enough to understand his feelings and turn them on and off.  Why am I Surprised though?  In the same episode she called one of the other boys a pig.  She never takes blame for any of the negative actions she displays and always finds blame (mostly on Jon) for someone else. 

Why do I watch?  Why do I feel this way?  First I am NOT Jealous.  This is the mantra of the “fans” when someone does not like the show.  You could not pay me enough to trade places and live thier lives so in no way, shape or form am I the least bit jealous.  And I watch for the children.  I just think all 8 of them ae sweet and have their own little personalities that make us love them.  I honestly would not care if they never showed the adults again.  All we get to see anymore are the parents.  No family or friends show up to be on the show anymore so we are stuck with the two of them. Maybe we will get to see old friends again once they get moved or to help them move.  Who knows!  Or, maybe the thinking of some folks is correct that they have thrown these people out of their lives because they do not have a need for them anymore.  Whatever the case, it sure would be nice to see some interaction with others without security and bodyguards around.

Can’t help but wonder how long they can go on like this.