Not a whole lot new going on. Both the “kids” are growing (pics included), Spring is trying to get here but not doing the best job, it’s 2 months until our new Godbaby arrives (the shower is tomorrow), Mr. Big and I are heading to changes in our lives…for the good!!!  We are doing superb at our life changes and will be looking Hot Hot Hot before you know it!!  Next month we celebrate 8 years and it just gets a lot better!!  We are looking forward to summer!  Princess starts T-ball soon and she is super excited!  She got an AMAZING report card!  She is doing fantastic and loves school.  She is toted as “the smartest girl in class” and she is mad that the smartest boy may be smarter than her.  Strive to be the best baby!!  🙂  So, I will continue to try to keep up with this blog beacuse I know people look for it…I am just not making any promises!!

Here is Jackson….before his “spa day” haircut

Before Haircut - March 2009

And here he is after…a brand new pup!! And he got smaller!!

March 2009 - after cut

And here are my babies together…