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Her day went well.  She loved the bus ride to and from- even though she was home a half hour after she should have been.  She loved the playground, lunchroom and teacher.  I hope she stays this excited all year!  Here are some pictures!


So, losing almost 60lbs IS a good thing but it does come with draw backs.  None of my clothes look very nice because they are falling off of me.  I don’t want to invest into many because I will lose more sizes, God willing.  I have one pair of jeans that fit, but they give me major muffin top- as will all pants for quite some time I am sure.  I need to find some spanx!  Anyhow, today I went looking for a real bra… I usually wear the “crop top” bras as they call them because for SOME reason clothing makers think if you are bigger so are your boobies!  NOT TRUE CLOTHING MAKERS!!  So, even though I got a hairy eyeball from the sales lady when I told her I need a 38A she did have ONE…so I got it.  Please- it is only one little size (which is TWO INCHES) over the “normal” end of the A cups.  Mama can’t help it I was not given any!  I told her when I came out to pay that hopefully soon I will be down to the 36 so I am NORMAL!  I think she got it because she didn’t respond.  Don’t be a rude sales clerk!  Gesh!  AND I found one pair of pants!  They need tailored though…of course they are too long and will be too wide at the bottom too so I will call my lady tomorrow about dropping them off.  Still hoping for warmer weather to stay until I can find more pants!

I laid around until around 1:00 and finally put some clothes on.  We went out pants hunting for me again…I got one pair for exercise that I know are too big but no matter.  Did a little food shopping then came home.  Mr. Big went and got his hot rod out and we took it down to the cruise at the local ice cream joint.  Walked around looking at the other cars.  Not much was going on.  We went and picked up our little lady who could not wipe the smile off her face.  She LOVES the sound of daddys car and this child is a weirdo, she loves the smell of the racing fuel!!  She is staying tonight (again) with Nana so we dropped her off after a quick visit to friends at the market (they were closed but we got in the back lol).  They had not seen us since June and told us we were melting away!  LOL.  We finished up food shopping at the other store and then Brian garaged the car again.  He then went to hang out with his friend for a bit while I chatted with the neighbor and watch some TV.  So- it was a good day with not a lot of accomplishments other than having some relaxing fun.  Thinking tomorrow looks like a good day to do a lot of nothing again!  I have big jobs for myself here at the house once school starts so I need my rest!

So, I know I have neglected my blog, but I promise to try to keep up close to daily from now on!!

Summer brought changes to us as people.  I had 2 surgeries within 7 weeks.  I also have dropped almost 60lbs now!  I am going to keep going for more until I am satisfied!  Brian has lost about 90 or so…we are both doing well in our new bodies but both need new clothes in a bad way.  I am on a hunt for pants that is making me crazy!!  Hopefully warmer temps will prevail so shorts and dresses work for now.

Spring also brought the arrival of our God-baby, Autumn and the marriage of her mommy and daddy in June.  Jenna is in love with her God-sister and loved the couple of times we have had her here with us during the day.  We are so happy to have her (and all of her family) in our lives.  We just did not have the best summer to enjoy it all, but we have plenty of time for that.  We get to make it all “official” on October 4th!

Because of these surgeries for me and my illness that went with them, I was fired from my job on July 1.  While I understand it had to happen I do not and can not accept that more was not done for me.  But, I am stuck with no other choice then to accept it or be forever bitter…so I am stuck somewhere in the middle! I have also been job hunting with no luck, which has lead me to become greatly depressed these last couple of weeks.  Everything is put on hold and/or harder with a job loss.  I am sickened that I could not take Jenna anywhere this summer.  We usually at least do a weekend at the beach, even if it is in the Fall and that just does not look possible for right now.  I have been in a huge funk and I cannot get out of it because of everything that happened.  So, all I can hope for are brighter days ahead!

Jenna is soon going in to first grade!  She starts on Tuesday the 8th and will ride a bus this year- something slightly scary to mommy!  I did not have to deal with the bus in Kindergarten so this is new to me.  They redistricted because of the new school being built so we now live just over 1.5 miles from the new school.  She is excited to start!  I am happy she loves to learn!  She also will be starting with two less teeth! She also is a full fledged swimmer this year.  While she was swimming last year and some the year before, this summer she really mastered it.  She jumps off the diving board, swims under water, swims the length of the pool, does cannonballs and even does front and back flips in the water!  I am praying to be able to put her in the local swim place sometime in the winter so she keeps up with it.  I also think it will be great to keep her asthma under control.

On August 4th (Barack Obama’s birthday, much to her glee!) she lost her first tooth.  She had some help from the next door neighbor on that one, which did not make any of us happy.  Then Exactly two weeks later she lost her second.  The tooth fairy brought her $5 for her first tooth and $2 and 4 quarters for her second.

That about sums up the last few months.  I must try to preserve the every day memories on here much more than I have been.  There are so many cute and fun things that Jenna says that I don’t remember later so I must start to write them!

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