I laid around until around 1:00 and finally put some clothes on.  We went out pants hunting for me again…I got one pair for exercise that I know are too big but no matter.  Did a little food shopping then came home.  Mr. Big went and got his hot rod out and we took it down to the cruise at the local ice cream joint.  Walked around looking at the other cars.  Not much was going on.  We went and picked up our little lady who could not wipe the smile off her face.  She LOVES the sound of daddys car and this child is a weirdo, she loves the smell of the racing fuel!!  She is staying tonight (again) with Nana so we dropped her off after a quick visit to friends at the market (they were closed but we got in the back lol).  They had not seen us since June and told us we were melting away!  LOL.  We finished up food shopping at the other store and then Brian garaged the car again.  He then went to hang out with his friend for a bit while I chatted with the neighbor and watch some TV.  So- it was a good day with not a lot of accomplishments other than having some relaxing fun.  Thinking tomorrow looks like a good day to do a lot of nothing again!  I have big jobs for myself here at the house once school starts so I need my rest!