So, losing almost 60lbs IS a good thing but it does come with draw backs.  None of my clothes look very nice because they are falling off of me.  I don’t want to invest into many because I will lose more sizes, God willing.  I have one pair of jeans that fit, but they give me major muffin top- as will all pants for quite some time I am sure.  I need to find some spanx!  Anyhow, today I went looking for a real bra… I usually wear the “crop top” bras as they call them because for SOME reason clothing makers think if you are bigger so are your boobies!  NOT TRUE CLOTHING MAKERS!!  So, even though I got a hairy eyeball from the sales lady when I told her I need a 38A she did have ONE…so I got it.  Please- it is only one little size (which is TWO INCHES) over the “normal” end of the A cups.  Mama can’t help it I was not given any!  I told her when I came out to pay that hopefully soon I will be down to the 36 so I am NORMAL!  I think she got it because she didn’t respond.  Don’t be a rude sales clerk!  Gesh!  AND I found one pair of pants!  They need tailored though…of course they are too long and will be too wide at the bottom too so I will call my lady tomorrow about dropping them off.  Still hoping for warmer weather to stay until I can find more pants!