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Last night, Brian and I gave a talk at the weight loss support group!  It went so well…I think we really helped to ease some people’s questions, though this is something that you cannot be 100% comfortable with until you walk through it on your own.

Afterwards we were celebrities. People stopped us, thanked us, stopped us in the hall, stopped us in the parking lot, waved goodbye. Made us feel really good to help so many people!! There was another “couple” in the group we spoke with after.  I mentioned how great a “thin” vacation was this year and made them both cry!!  I hugged her and apologized.  She said “No it is good tears!”  They are already planning a big trip for 2012 when they are both thin.  I felt so good after doing this…I could do it again!  🙂

Before hand I went down to the auditorium to get weighed in.  They use a scale they calculates everything:  Weight, BMI, water, fat %, etc…whole list of things.  This scale weighed me at ….drum roll please….127.5 pounds.  I stepped outside the room and had a moment while Mr Big was getting weighed.  I cannot even wrap my brain around it…not at all.  I see it, but I don’t believe it.  It is so hard to explain.

Anyhow, turned out to be a great night!!  I enjoyed myself.


I am in the middle of reading and responding to people on another blogger’s Facebook page about Weight Loss Surgery.  Of course it is not for everyone, everyone has to make their own decisions, however, respect of other people’s choices is necessary in this world without trashing the decision without the correct research behind your comments.  Since this is my blog then my decision is the only one that counts – you know – the my blog my rules rule.  🙂

Anyone who is obese, clinically/medically obese, will never be HEALTHY!  You may not have health “problems” right now, but that extra 80-125 pounds ++ is killing your joints, soon you will have arthritis.  That cheesecake you justify eating is clogging your arteries, maybe slower than others, but it is and you will eventually have a heart attack.  You are fat due to a bad diet coupled with possible bad genes and maybe emotional problems.  Whatever your issues- you need to get them in check if you ever intend to be truly “Healthy”  Not exercising and eating right makes even a thin person unhealthy.  I am not saying thin=healthy but what is true is fat = unhealthy–ALWAYS!  I lied to myself for years and now I am ruined.  Everything I did not do right, all the losing then gaining back, all the bad choices ruined me.  I am thin now, I am a normal weight, I feel pretty good, except for my knee that does not allow me to walk comfortably through the sand even though I have the energy to do so.  I have loose skin hanging from my arms, my stomach and my thighs.  If I would not have stretched myself out I would not have that now.  I ruined myself.  I see it now.  I don’t care HOW someone gets healthy and loses some weight, but they need to stop lying to themselves and do it.

Looking back, it was September when I last blogged.  I need to start catching up and blogging again to get some things written down.  The biggest and worst thing that happened since September is I lost my dad on November 5, 2009.  It was a terrible ordeal and I am still not over it all.  I was so not ready to say goodbye to him, yet was forced to make the decision to do it.  If you never have to do this in your life consider yourself lucky.  I still have so many days I want to speak to him, tell him something, hear his voice.  I can’t take him off my list on my cell phone and won’t do it.  When I get a new phone his number will just be gone.

The other big deal that has happened is I hit my weight loss goal.  It took me 14 months to lose 125lbs.  I am happy with the loss, not so happy with lose skin but have to get used to it, and thrilled with my size.  I do still have problems wrapping my head around it.

I have been out of work since July 1, 2009 without being able to find a new job, though I am trying.  I am going to apply at a few school districts as sub support so I will have more than one chance everyday for a call.  This will get my foot in a few doors when something permanent opens up.  In the meantime, I will be able to say no when I need to if J is sick or if I am.

My princess will be going into Second Grade on August 30th.  She is very excited to learn cursive and is already practicing.  She is enjoying a ton of swimming this summer and some carnivals.  We went to the shore for a week and she loved the beach, boardwalk and amusement park.

My Mr. Big is doing well too.  He is so handsome since he has lost so much weight, though I always thought he was, he just is getting better.  He still gives me butterflies!  teehee.  And he is working so hard for his family in the time we need it.  He worked extra extra hard to make sure we got a summer vacation!  We appreciate him so much!  And he gets to golf quite a bit as his hobby and relaxation.

I will try to give this blog thing a shot every day or so from now on!!  I say that every time but I mean it this time!

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