Looking back, it was September when I last blogged.  I need to start catching up and blogging again to get some things written down.  The biggest and worst thing that happened since September is I lost my dad on November 5, 2009.  It was a terrible ordeal and I am still not over it all.  I was so not ready to say goodbye to him, yet was forced to make the decision to do it.  If you never have to do this in your life consider yourself lucky.  I still have so many days I want to speak to him, tell him something, hear his voice.  I can’t take him off my list on my cell phone and won’t do it.  When I get a new phone his number will just be gone.

The other big deal that has happened is I hit my weight loss goal.  It took me 14 months to lose 125lbs.  I am happy with the loss, not so happy with lose skin but have to get used to it, and thrilled with my size.  I do still have problems wrapping my head around it.

I have been out of work since July 1, 2009 without being able to find a new job, though I am trying.  I am going to apply at a few school districts as sub support so I will have more than one chance everyday for a call.  This will get my foot in a few doors when something permanent opens up.  In the meantime, I will be able to say no when I need to if J is sick or if I am.

My princess will be going into Second Grade on August 30th.  She is very excited to learn cursive and is already practicing.  She is enjoying a ton of swimming this summer and some carnivals.  We went to the shore for a week and she loved the beach, boardwalk and amusement park.

My Mr. Big is doing well too.  He is so handsome since he has lost so much weight, though I always thought he was, he just is getting better.  He still gives me butterflies!  teehee.  And he is working so hard for his family in the time we need it.  He worked extra extra hard to make sure we got a summer vacation!  We appreciate him so much!  And he gets to golf quite a bit as his hobby and relaxation.

I will try to give this blog thing a shot every day or so from now on!!  I say that every time but I mean it this time!