Last night, Brian and I gave a talk at the weight loss support group!  It went so well…I think we really helped to ease some people’s questions, though this is something that you cannot be 100% comfortable with until you walk through it on your own.

Afterwards we were celebrities. People stopped us, thanked us, stopped us in the hall, stopped us in the parking lot, waved goodbye. Made us feel really good to help so many people!! There was another “couple” in the group we spoke with after.  I mentioned how great a “thin” vacation was this year and made them both cry!!  I hugged her and apologized.  She said “No it is good tears!”  They are already planning a big trip for 2012 when they are both thin.  I felt so good after doing this…I could do it again!  🙂

Before hand I went down to the auditorium to get weighed in.  They use a scale they calculates everything:  Weight, BMI, water, fat %, etc…whole list of things.  This scale weighed me at ….drum roll please….127.5 pounds.  I stepped outside the room and had a moment while Mr Big was getting weighed.  I cannot even wrap my brain around it…not at all.  I see it, but I don’t believe it.  It is so hard to explain.

Anyhow, turned out to be a great night!!  I enjoyed myself.