I have no idea why but I have been having awful and/or strange dreams for several nights now.  Nothing dramatic happened to me in the past couple weeks.  I have people die, people being hurt, someone shooting themselves, a sick baby…all very disturbing.  Maybe too much protein causes my brain to over react.  I do not know but I sure would like them to stop!

In other news- Princess had her very first professional eye exam today.  She has 20/20 in her left on and 20/25 in her right.  He said it was not worth getting glasses and fighting with her, once the novelty of having them wears off, to keep them on.  He said what can happen at this age is she could grow an inch and need them- that is how quickly they can change.  And the fact that Brian had them in Second grade and I had them in Sixth grade is a good indication that she will need them, but it is not a guarantee.  She thinks she wants them, but I tried tell her she really does not.  Having glasses may be a fashion statement to her, but in the long run they are a pain in the neck.  Keeping up with them, keeping them clean, remembering them, swimming, exercise, just a general nuisance.