I am having a life changing …well, life!  So, I am going to do some changes here too and hope it catches on with many people who it can help!!  I am going to change the name of my blog and make the focus of the blog Weight loss…surgery, non-surgery, exercise, after losing it issues, recipes, advice, support and chatter.  Whatever the person who lands here needs, suggests or asks.  I would like to do a question a day to answer from readers.  I need to get my blog out there and a good friend who Blogs at http://www.theangelforever.com/

is going to help me.  I need to learn a lot about getting my blog noticed and noticed by the people who need it.  She is at BlogHer in NYC right now!  She already has met someone else going this.

Now- for this time, I Would like to ask for suggestions on my new blog name!  I was thinking something along the lines of

“The fat girl in my head”

“Too skinny to still be so fat”

Something that captures the way myself and so many others feel after a massive weight loss.  The brain can NOT catch up to the head after so many years of being overweight.  You can post your comments here with name suggestions or on my facebook page where I have this linked.

Thanks for the help and wish me luck!!