Q:      How do you make the decision to start NOW and not – after the next holiday or the next birthday or the next Monday whatever?

A:  Obviously, this is a personal process and decision.  For me,  I was at the end of my rope.  I knew I could not possibly let myself get any bigger or feel any worse!  I actually walked around every single day worried I was going to drop over dead or not wake up in the morning when I went to sleep.  I felt horrible all the time.  My legs hurt to walk.  My knees could not stand the weight.  I felt sluggish and tired no matter how much I slept.  I had only a few items of clothing I would and could wear and felt half decent in.  Most things looked awful on me and did not fit right.  I wanted to be able to have fun with my daughter and keep up with her being so active.  She told me “you are always sick”  because I used to say I was sick in order to not have to move and do things with her.  It broke my heart.  I knew I had to get up, get moving and get some weight off.  I used to say to my husband, everyone has to have a wall they get to and I got to mine.  I can’t understand how people get to the point of weighing 500 or 700 pounds.  How did they not hit that wall on the way up?  How did they no longer care?  I have no answers for that.  I just know what my wall was and why I did not want to have to keep restarting over and over again.  You have to look to the future and see what you want to be.  You have to be the you that you can love.  If you love yourself at a size 16, a size 12 or a size 2 then that is where you should plan to take yourself to on your journey.  To me, I don’t see people as a size or a weight, I see if they are healthy or not.  I have a post on here a few posts back about people lying to themselves about being a “healthy fat”  To be, that is like being a smoke free smoker.  It is impossible!  Just because you do not have high cholestorol and your heart seems to be beating right when the Dr listens does not mean you are not taking years off of your life and ruining your body by have an extra 100 plus pounds on it.  You can be non-healthy at a normal weight also if you do not treat your body right so clearly being heavy AND not treating your body right does not make for health.

The bottom line is mind over matter.  Don’t DIET!  I will never, ever be on another diet again.  I eat high protein, low fat and no sugar and that is just it.  I never order a dessert.  I make the correct choices at home and when we go out.  I do allow myself some wiggle room – I exercise so I can eat M&Ms is what a friend of mine says.  She runs several miles every day and is very fit, trim and healthy.  She makes good choices for herself and her family so every now and then she eats M&Ms.  This is how life should be lived.  Normal.  I actually planned my way of eating after her suggestions.  And it works.  So, that is how I eat now.  No diet- just my lifestyle.  I am happy with working to maintain the weight I am because this is where I am feeling my best.  If a pound or two come off or come on I am OK with it.  I am just doing my best in this life.

Good luck to anyone starting or continuing a journey of health.  I hope you stay here with me, ask questions and share ideas!