From Connie:  Did you hit plateaus where the weight was not coming off? And what should one do to get past it?

When having a large weight loss, or any loss for that matter, you are going to hit stalls.  The body is changing as you are dropping weight so it has to catch up with itself.  This does not mean it is over.  A true stall will last several weeks.  A plateau usually lasts a couple weeks for me.  Then all of a sudden it would start coming off again.  I lost 7 pounds over 2 weeks and in 2 weeks have not lost any.  Changing up things usually cures the stall.  The biggest part is eating more- not less.  When you hit a stall take a day or two and add some extra calories.  If you are doing low carb, add in some complex carbs (meaning good carbs, not sugar carbs) then go back to your low carbs in 2 days.  Also, be sure you are drinking plenty of water, no sugar drinks and low to no caffeine.  You can add any flavor packets you like to your water or make yourself some decaf iced tea.  Upping your exercise and changing your routine also helps with a stall.  Patience is your best bet.  It will start coming off again.  Don’t look at a stall as a reason to say “screw it I am done”  I did that way too many times because I was not patient.  Now, I know it will continue when my body is ready.  This extra weight we have did not come on us overnight (although it does seems like it) and it is not going to come off that way.  And more important it is not going to STAY off if you do a fad diet to lose it.  Lifestyle change is the key- not diet.  I have said it before and I will keep saying it.  I will never diet again.  This is my life now.