**Warning – as you can see from the question, this is a touchy subject to read so read at your own risk**

I heard that it is very common to throw up after the surgery,  and do you ever get it under control?

As with just about every aspect of having gastric bypass surgery, this too is individual.  My husband had the surgery on April 20, 2009 and it was June of 2010 before he ever threw up!  And it was because he ate something way too fast.

I started throwing up a few weeks after surgery and the last time I threw up was a couple of months ago.  I throw up when things bother my stomach, when I have eaten too much or when I eat too fast.  Mostly it is just something bothered me.  I have noticed I CANNOT mix foods.  You know when you go on the hunt for what you are hungry for and kind of “graze” on several different things?  A bite of this, a nibble of that – I can’t do it.  It makes me sick.  I threw up pretty frequently in the beginning, but some of that was due to my gallbladder going bad also.  It does get under control.  It is not something that happens to everyone and it is not something that goes on forever.  And remember, when you have a stomach that holds a couple ounces you are not bringing up a whole lot when you do throw up.  The worst part of it is the heaving.  But, as far as what comes out it is very minimal.  There is something gastric surgery patients call “The Foamies”  This is because you sort of just throw up foam.  It’s common in the beginning.

I will repeat every time I get the chance – there is NOTHING I went through that I would not do again, this included, to get to the outcome that I have had.