My friend Vikki is having gastric bypass surgery on Monday August 16th.  She has done amazing at sticking to the fight and after about 3 years she is all set.  She stuck to the program and already lost 22 pounds before surgery!  I want to wish her all the luck in the world and send her a ton of love.   Everyone who reads here please say a prayer for her on Monday!  I know she will do fantastic.  WE LOVE YOU VIKKI!!

Get ready for a whole new life, a whole new you!  LOTS of changes will be coming very, very fast!  And your brain will take a very long time to catch up with your body and all the changes in your life.  It is exciting, it is scary, it is a TON of work–hard hard work!  There is not one step in this whole process that is easy, but every step is worth it.  When you are laying in your bed crying, and you will lay in your bed and cry, that you made a mistake, that you think you may die (esp. if you have a dumping episode), wondering what you did, just remember that this will pass.  And you will look back in a few months and say everything was worth it.