By snacks, I don’t mean – oh I feel like grazing and eating when I should not so let me have a snack.  I am talking about having 3 meals and a snack or 6 small meals like I sort of do…so a few small meals in a day would equal a “snack” to a lot of people.  Most of these are high protein which will keep you on track, fuller and not wanting for something bad.

  • Beef Jerky – believe it or not, this is one thing that was easy for me to eat/digest early on.  It is loaded with protein and makes you full with just a couple pieces.  It is high in sodium but if you are drinking enough it won’t bother you.
  • Cottage cheese.  This is a good meal additive, snack and addition to a lot of meals like pasta w/sauce.  I put some cottage cheese in mine to protein it up.  I throw it in a salad now and then.  Mix it with tuna.- which is a good protein source itself.
  • Nuts.  Mixed nuts. Peanuts.  Almonds. Cashews.  All nuts fill you in just a serving and are a good protein source.
  • Detour Bars.  You have to watch because there are a lot of different types, but they make a low sugar, peanut caramel flavor that have 30 grams of protein per bar.  If you are early out of your surgery you will not want to eat the whole bar but eventually this can be a small meal replacement snack.
  • South Beach bars.  There is a peanut butter flavor and a cinnamon/raisin.  The cinnamon flavor is amazing heated up for a few seconds in the microwave.  Watch these when picking them to so you are sure to get the protein bars.
  • Apple cut up with peanut butter.  I use the reduced fat Jif and usually only have 1/2 a serving
  • Half a banana (early on) or whole (later on if you can handle natural sugars ok) with a little PB.  I like to put a spoon of PB on a plate and soften it a bit in the microwave to make it easier to dip the banana in.  Very satisfying.
  • Deviled Eggs.  Obviously a high protein choice, easy to take along to work or in a cooler.  Filling.  Easy to make and cheap.  I do use the Eggland’s best so they cost a little more, but any egg will work.  Light mayo or miracle whip.
  • Turkey bacon.  Good to top a salad with, have for a light protein breakfast or just a snack.  Again with the sodium but not eating it everyday is fine.
  • Popcorn.  Get the 98% fat free and get the personal size bags if you worry about eating too much.  This helps your crunchy need, salt need, and goes down nice in the belly.
  • Gold fish/low fat cheese it type crackers.  Again, good to satisfy your need for something crunchy that is not a chip, has some protein, filling and goes down nice on the belly.
  • Oatmeal.  I love a packet of oatmeal made with water and then a little fat free lactose free milk on it with some splenda.  This is a good complex carb for your breakfast or later day snack.
  • Yogurt.  Watch your sugars and test out what you are able to eat.  I could eat 1/4 container of yogurt in the mornings for about 8 months.  I have recently (after 15+ months) progressed to almost a whole cup.
  • Pudding.  Jello brand – and I am sure others – make sugar free puddings and mouse cups ready to eat.  Yummy and a good chocolate fix.
  • Applesauce.  I love the Musselman brand- it is sweetened with Splenda.  I have it whenever I make pork and some other times when I just want a little something yummy.

Feel free to comment on other snacks you have found are good on your tummy, filling and a good protein source!