Something happened to a friend of mine this week that set me off. She wanted to join a weight loss group and was told she could not join because she was “cheating”  Are you freakin kidding me?!?!?  If you do not know what the hell you are talking about then SHUT UP STUPID and do not speak!!!

How is she cheating you ask?  She had gastric bypass surgery so now this person labeled her as a cheater.  Anyone who has had this surgery or is close to someone who has had it can tell you that no one chooses to have this surgery to cheat.  No one is too lazy to lose weight so they just throw up their arms and say “well hell, I will just do the easy thing and have surgery!”  Easy??  If anyone EVER says you took the “easy way out” so me a favor and pop them square in the mouth.  Would you tell a cancer patient who is getting chemo that they just “cheated” the cancer by having chemo and took the easy way out of it.  What about a heart surgery patient?  Well, you cheated by getting open heart surgery to fix your life threatening problem.  Makes no sense does it??  Same way telling someone gastric bypass surgery is easy or cheating.  It is a last resort for everyone and a life saving procedure for many many people.

Easy—if you call liquid diets, 6 months to 3 years of preparations, doctor appointments, lab tests over and over, sleep studies, group meetings, nutritionist meetings, insurance calls and paperwork, getting your insides completely re-worked and never having another “normal” day of eating the rest of your life easy, then by all means–you go right ahead and keep up that closed minded way of thinking.  Maybe this is why YOU are in a weight loss group and bitch and moan that you cannot lose weight, because your mind is so closed you cannot realize that your way of thinking has to change and everything you do from now on for the REST.OF.YOUR.LIFE.  has to change also.

You have to attend a lifetime of support groups.  You have to see a Doctor several times a year and then at least once a year for the rest of your life. You have to have bloodwork every single year-if not more often.  You have to learn which vitamins to take, how many, which are the best for you and what you need and you have to do it for -say it with me – the rest of your life.  You will learn the protein content of every food ever grown or produced.  You will know how much sugar is in every thing you lay your eyes on.  You will learn if an egg makes you throw up and feel like hell and how much out of a small cup of yogurt you can actually eat until you have to stop.  You will make sure you have a snack on you at all times in case you get stuck somewhere and cannot eat within 3-4 hours.  You will learn how to get in water and hydration every single day of your life to keep you healthy.  You will re-learn how to shop for clothes, shows and undergarments because you have no idea what sizes with one digit in them even mean or where to find them.  You will figure out which restaurants you simply will never eat at again because they have nothing healthy on the menu and they use to many secret additives to their foods which make you ill.  You learn what it means to actually live your life instead of watching other people live it while you sit out watching them.

Now- go back and think again about what you are saying to people and how it makes them feel.  Think before you speak or SHUT UP!