Today I went for a jog, not inside on my trampoline, but out in the open where people could have seen.  I went to take care of my God-daughter while they were cleaning out the flooded basement.  We walked up the road and into the Grove.  No one was in the entire place, which is way back off the road sort of in the woods, so I was a little freaked out.  Once we got up the one side, which is uphill, I decided to jog down the other side.  She is in a jogging type stroller so it was not too bad.  Autumn was chattering and giggling the whole time.  When I got out to the road I stopped and just walked but picked back up to a slow job a couple times when no cars were coming.  I went back to the house and took 3 advil and joked I needed Advil and CPR!  I plan to go out again tomorrow for a little bit, hopefully can add a few steps!