Brian and I did our first, but not our last, 5k on November 7th.  It was very cold but we warmed up once we got started.  It was in Oley and on a very hilly path.  We knew going in we were going to mostly walk, which we did.  I did start to try to run but from climbing the hill my legs were a little crampy so I just walked.  When we got back to the road to head back to the start of the course we decided to stop and wait for the people running the 10 mile race until our friend came by. Once she ran by we continued on our way.  I did not know we were supposed to give in the bottom of our number so I did not do that until quite a while passed.  I am sure when I saw the time on the results they posted they just guessed on our time.  No surprise at all, but we were the last two, which is fine as I knew our goal was to finish – which we did!  We decided we will try to train for the next year and actually run it next year.  And again, if we are the last two that is fine, at least we will finish.  But, in the Spring I will see if there are some walks, maybe fundraisers, that we can do while we are training.  It felt good and it is nice to have a shirt to show off our accomplishment also!  I know I will never be a true runner.  For one thing I am not fast enough.  I also just simply do not enjoy it enough to be a serious runner, but I did very much enjoy the nice long walk!  I will search once the weather breaks in the late winter/early spring for walks to do!  It will be our new hobby!