I have probably recently discovered the worst part of this WLS.  I started my weight loss journey at 255lbs.  I remember thinking I will be thrilled to get to 150lbs and wear a normal size, even if it is a large!  The end goal of 130 I had in my mind, but I never thought I would see it.  Well, the problem is, for most people who go through the WLS process and follow it the right way, not only is their goal achieved but it is usually surpassed.  So, as I watched 130 pounds come and go on the scale, as you can imagine I was thrilled.  I got all the way down to 121 pounds.  Wow!  If I could do that I was hoping to be able to see the “teens”  but I never managed to get to the teens.  I was going to Zumba a few times a week, jogging on nice days, using my Wii Fit that Brian got me for Christmas, doing weights on my balance ball, I was doing one thing or another for a very long time.  Then I started getting all these painful “attacks” that I thought each time I had a stomach bug.  Well, it turned out it was not a bug but I had some problems that needed surgically corrected.  But, anyhow, once I started having all this pain I did not and could not work out like I used to.  I have been eating a lot less because it hurt so much to eat.  So, I think both of these happenings sent my body into the mode of preserving everything I did take in.  I went up to 131.  Yes- it is almost 20 pounds less than the original goal and only 1 pound more than my ultimate goal, however, because I ended up going down so low, I got used to it.  I was happy to be so small no matter how I was told by a few that I looked.  I knew that being that low would give me a few pounds to play with…but not 10!!  So, being 131 and putting on shorts that are a little snug now, because last year I was in the low 120’s all summer makes me feel like I am 250 pounds again.  It is the worst part!!  I am starting a weight loss challenge with the people I work with, so that and my latest surgery healing up (soon I hope!!) to allow me to get back to feeling good and moving a lot more should get some of that 10 pounds off.  I WILL be happy to get 7 off….but 11 to 15 would be FANTASTIC!!  I am not going to let it go to where I MUST get 20 off again …or 40 …or 50!  I feel horrible enough now that 10 is all I need to kick my butt back in gear.  Funny, gaining 10 pounds I didn’t use to notice it, but now it is like I gained 25!  Funny how the body and the brain works!