Not officially or anything, but it is close enough.  This is “birthday weekend” and Jenna has already started the party.  Her bestie Sara is spending tonight, tomorrow we are going to a skating party where 8 of her other friends will be then 2 more will come home with us for a sleep-over, so 4 little giggly girls will be taking over my house!  Sunday is Father’s day and we have some dad festivities planned.  Wednesday is her actual birthday so I am leaving work at 2pm, picking her up, taking her to the Sugi-center for her pre-surgery tour then we will head to the Olive Garden for her birthday dinner!  Then comes Friday – her tonsils are coming out.  She has been having a lot of anxiety about it that I have been trying to control, but this morning I had her pre-op interview/history on the phone so now it has set in for me and I am nervous for her.  This is not our first rodeo with her, but the first time everything happened so fast and furious that we didn’t have much time to worry- we just had to go with the flow.  I know she will be OK and recoup won’t be awful for her, but it is just knowing they are taking my only baby into that room without me.  I am sure we will all come out the other side just fine – so long as I first make it past this weekend!