What a great 9th birthday my “baby” girl had.  Sleepover, Sweet & Sassy, food, cake, zebra zebra everywhere!  She was so tired from 2 nights of sleepovers and all the activity that she slept until Noon on Sunday.  We are taking her on a trip to Cleveland as her actual “gift” though we got her a few small things.  I know, big gift, but we have not vacationed in 2 summers so we have to do something nice. 

Meanwhile, I have been fretting this coming Monday since last week.  I will know this week, without exception, if August first is going to be my last day of work or if I get the chance to apply for the job.  While trying to have faith I do have a bad feeling, only because I know who applied and see no reason for them not to take her.  Darn Unions!  I do pray the University will have another opening.  Even though I do not wish to remain a Temp, it is better than the alternative of no job for who knows how long.  I have still been asking God to Bless me though.  We will see.