Went to my post surgical appointment.  He had an intern in with him and they worked on me to try to drain some of the hematoma that I have on my incision.  He made the intern stop when I made a noise of pain – which was just a noise, I was not dying or anything…that is just how he is.  Do no harm.  🙂  I adore him!  He is the poster child for what a doctor should be.  So, hopefully this with rest and the pain pills will help this pain and lump finally go away for good.  He put me off of work until Monday.  I am READY to get back to real life – to normal.  When I was out today I was feeling like I had been in a coma – everything looked odd because I had not been out in so long!  Tomorrow – after Jenna gets on the bus will be a day of riding the couch!  I hope there will be some things to watch.  🙂  So, the good news is I should be on my way to recovery for sure now!  More fun news is that Jenna is trying out for the Wizard of Oz.  I hope they give her Some kind of part, she has not been in a play yet!  I KNOW once she is in one the bug will get her and she will love it.  She has been a performer since she could talk!  She used to climb on her toy box and do shows for us.  She even gave herself a “stage name”  Jenna-rosity!  Silly girl, but I really hope she gets something – even a tree!  The side note- she has to sing.  I am not sure she can carry a note in a handbag so I am not so sure she will get a part that needs sung!  LOL  Poor girl!  But, wish her luck!!