HELLO BLOGGERS and Blog Readers!

My name is Sandra (aka MA and I use MA2Jenna as my names all over the place!)

This blog is dedicated to WEIGHT LOSS!  It is for anyone on any kind of journey to losing weight.  You can be doing Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Richard Simmons, Atkins, The Zone, Your own plan, had the lap band, or any of the various Gastric Bypass procedures.

I am an “expert” in the gastric bypass known as Roux-en-Y  a.k.a. RNY.  I call myself an “expert” because I did have this procedure done on May 18, 2009 and I have lost 128lbs as of this writing and I am 2 pounds below what my goal weight was.  I am in a size 6 pants and medium shirts and small dresses.  My shoes all became too big so I had to get all new for summer.  I now can wear flip flops (but they must be the cloth not the plastic toe thingy).  I own 3 swimsuits and I have a tan for the first time since I was a child.  I go to the public pool with my child, something I would have never considered in the past.

I am going to take and answer at least one question per day.  It can be from a reader but I will also be throwing in some information of my own.  I did a talk at a weight loss support group and that night, after all the positive feedback from people saying how much that helped, how inspiring I was and how good they felt after hearing us talk I decided this must me my “calling”  I love to help people!  And this is something I can say, without a doubt, that I KNOW all about and can probably answer every question you have.

You can have lost, or have tried losing, weight in ANY WAY and I will be able to support you.  The feelings of losing, being stuck, not losing and the feelings after having lost are the same no matter how you went about doing it.

So, please join me on this new chapter in my life and let me help and support you!!