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Well, actually ice day, but same thing.  J had no school and I got a call at 10am to not come to work in the afternoon because they were closing.  So I pulled out what was ready from the fridge and this is what J and I did…ok, mostly me.  Working with a 4 year old can get exhausting!

The dough

The Dough

Cutting the shapes

Ready to Bake

Mommy’s buttercream icing must be pretty good!

Decorating the cookies ( I love doing this angle)

Finished Products

So, today Jenna and I made what is now our Friday ritual trip to Wegmans in Allentown. She loves going to the kids playroom while I do my hour to hour and a half shopping trip. So today I shopped, went to deposit my bags in my car, went to tell the playroom attendant I would be over at the food court then planned on getting lunch to take home. Well, Jenna spotted me and I asked her if she wanted to stay or come along..she opted to come with me. They gave me a picture she had colored, everything pretty much in the lines and were falling all over me about how impressed they were. I guess I just expect the best from her so I was not quite as impressed as they. What kind of kids do they get in there anyhow?!

So, we wander over to the food side, smelling so good we opted for the chinese cuisine. It is good, though expensive. So we load up 2 containers to take home. Jenna wanted to eat NOW so I talked her into a cookie to tide her over until we made it home. I asked Mrs. Fields behind the counter how much they were, expecting a $(fill in the blank) for a dozen. Instead I was told $9.99 a pound. In my head, a pound of cookies would be about the size of a family sized bag of chips ahoy! So, I asked for 2 chocolate chip with nuts and 2 with no nuts. Then being the great mommy that I am I spotted an iced flower cookie and asked J is she wanted one to which I got a great big YES! She picked “blue” (natually!). Then Mrs. Fields told me she would put the blue cookie in the bag and give Jenna a cookie for the trip home. So she pulled out a smaller than the display cookies cookie for my cookie! She was happy! Then she handed me the bag of my purchase with the price sticker on it. She could have given me the free mini cookie before I got the sticker shock of $6.61!! I expected a couple dollars for 5 cookies. Was there gold waiting for me at the end I wondered? Were the cookies made by Mrs. Fields HERSELF?? Gasp! But, being me I took them. And took the chinese food and had a bill total of $23 for a 2 much less then full containers for lunch and cookies!! Mind you, the food is good, but woah!

So, tonight, once Jenna had taken off with her Nana and Mr. Big had gone to bed for his early day tomorrow I went and opened the $6.61 bag of cookies. I took out a chocolate chip with nuts, heated it for 6 seconds in the microwave, grabbed my cup of Sheetz decaf coffee Mr. Big had brought me home when he went for a fill up, sat on the sofa with no TV on, windows closed, no noise and savored every last morsel. The cookie was excellent, make no mistake. But the moment was even better. Alone, just me and my gold nugget of cookies. I tasted the sweetness of peace.

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