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I have no idea why but I have been having awful and/or strange dreams for several nights now.  Nothing dramatic happened to me in the past couple weeks.  I have people die, people being hurt, someone shooting themselves, a sick baby…all very disturbing.  Maybe too much protein causes my brain to over react.  I do not know but I sure would like them to stop!

In other news- Princess had her very first professional eye exam today.  She has 20/20 in her left on and 20/25 in her right.  He said it was not worth getting glasses and fighting with her, once the novelty of having them wears off, to keep them on.  He said what can happen at this age is she could grow an inch and need them- that is how quickly they can change.  And the fact that Brian had them in Second grade and I had them in Sixth grade is a good indication that she will need them, but it is not a guarantee.  She thinks she wants them, but I tried tell her she really does not.  Having glasses may be a fashion statement to her, but in the long run they are a pain in the neck.  Keeping up with them, keeping them clean, remembering them, swimming, exercise, just a general nuisance.


Her day went well.  She loved the bus ride to and from- even though she was home a half hour after she should have been.  She loved the playground, lunchroom and teacher.  I hope she stays this excited all year!  Here are some pictures!

Not a whole lot new going on. Both the “kids” are growing (pics included), Spring is trying to get here but not doing the best job, it’s 2 months until our new Godbaby arrives (the shower is tomorrow), Mr. Big and I are heading to changes in our lives…for the good!!!  We are doing superb at our life changes and will be looking Hot Hot Hot before you know it!!  Next month we celebrate 8 years and it just gets a lot better!!  We are looking forward to summer!  Princess starts T-ball soon and she is super excited!  She got an AMAZING report card!  She is doing fantastic and loves school.  She is toted as “the smartest girl in class” and she is mad that the smartest boy may be smarter than her.  Strive to be the best baby!!  🙂  So, I will continue to try to keep up with this blog beacuse I know people look for it…I am just not making any promises!!

Here is Jackson….before his “spa day” haircut

Before Haircut - March 2009

And here he is after…a brand new pup!! And he got smaller!!

March 2009 - after cut

And here are my babies together…


Friday night/Saturday morning at 2am Princess woke up and wanted to cuddle up to me.  I quickly noticed she was very warm.  I took her temp and it was 102.3!  She has said to me right before she fell asleep (quickly and early I might add) that she did not feel good.  Well, we headed down to get her something for the fever and something for her nose.  She then decided she needed to wake her daddy because she fell asleep so early she did not get to say good night.  She laid with him and talked and talked…she seems to get a bit hyper with a fever.  Anyhow, she asked him to hang her out the window- like we do when she wakes up croupy from an asthma attack.  She was breathing fine and not much of a cough so he told her she did not need to go out the window.  She told him she has bats in her cave (what she calls a filled nose) and she thought maybe they would fly out if she was at the window.  Then she said to me that she knows she just goes out the window when she has the ruffs (she was meaning the croup) but she wanted to for her bats.  Silly girl!

I have neglected my writing!  I have just been so busy.  I had my event – which was a HUGE success!!  We raised a ton of money and everyone had a great time.  I keep being told I need to be an event planner for a living, but I am not sure if my nerves could take planning more than one at a time!

Also, with the Holidays coming so quickly I have been shopping, wrapping and baking.  It is so fun that Princess can do so much more with me now!  She does have to work on the amount of frosting piled on the cookies though!  They never dry LOL!

She is going to have one busy busy Christmas morning!  I bought her SO MUCH stuff!  Why?  Because I can!  haha.  And I just Love to have piles of things for her – I only had one for a reason!

And – Mr. Big is pretty spoiled this year also!  More on that After Christmas!  But, I got a HUGE Bonus check so I decided I would use some of it too!  I am going to get my soap opera star white teeth some time after Christmas!   I am super excited!  The strips burn me so this will be much better because they block off your gums so the burning does not happen.  I will have some sensitivity issues but I am willing to suffer.  My teeth are very important to me and while they are not terribly discolored I just want them to be blinding white!

Speaking of Mr Big – he and I started a 6 month New You program at the hospital.  We have monthly meetings, weigh ins, food diarys etc and will see a Doc in month 5 to discuss the rest.  Classes end in March so we can schedule after that.  I Am super excited and ready for a NEW ME!

I am sure once I started now I will post a couple more things.  Going to try to stay more active!

As Princess J’s tastes in music continue to develop and stay very eclectic, much like mommy’s taste, she found a new song today while we were out all day.  This one played about 15 times and I still have it in my head!  Of course, this is less times then the second fav of the day (which isn’t a new fav but I will blog about that after I post this one)

This is one of my all time favorite heavy metal songs so she has good taste- we are just happy she doesn’t really get the song yet!

So, as of this weekend, my princess is a full fledged swimmer AND puts her head all the way under the water!! We are SOOO proud of her! We, of course, won’t let her swim without us there without the floaters on her arms, but she does it when we are in and around the pool. My friend takes her to the pool with them, but there is one of her and 3 kids so I do not trust something to not happen. I trust my friend, but if one of the kids had an issue and another happened to at the same time, I do not want to put all that on her. Anyhow, she is doing wonderful and we are thrilled WE got to teach her rather than a stranger she does not trust. She is just awesome!

Well, she screamed through the whole thing!!  Why?  Because she was WORRIED about the possible shot she didn’t even know if she was getting or not!!  Plus, she ended up having a virus she got 2 days before the visit so he had to do a strep test on her.  Oh Fun.  I did not get to ask him most of my questions because of all the carrying on so I Am going to call this week to see if I can either come in to see him alone, with her under the promise he will not do a thing to her! or talk to him on the phone.  I never had a 5 minute well visit before!  Her height and weight are in the 75%ile and she is testing at 6 years old developmentally, but she tested the same last year.  They used to same test I Did last year and I just had to answer if the 2 NO’s on the questions had changed.  I would have liked a test to see if she was further than that this year, but whatever.  So, she is well!  yay!

For Jenna’s 5th birthday, one of the gifts we bought her was a butterfly pavillion. The caterpillars came this weekend so we are waiting for them to get ready to put in the house! Here are some pics… click on the picture to make it bigger.

After 2 weekend of working with Jenna really well she can now swim!!  She could swim like a fish with the arm floaties on so we knew she could do it without!  I held her up by her belly and back and slowly started letting go and she would swim to daddy.  Then he started backing up into the deep end so she could not put her feet down.  Mind you, she yells or makes some kind of non-protest every time, but she loves it!   She is a little scared, but loves it.  She is also working on going under.  She gets up to her eyes and comes back up!  It’s supposed to be hot the rest of the week so we will see if we can get in the pool some during the week too!  I am so excited because I was 13 before I actually learned to swim due to a bad private swim teacher at the Y when  I was 7!

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