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At the prodding of my friend Shan (who by the way, has a million pics of her beautiful child but leaves the winter one up!!) who keeps asking me for a trip update I suppose I should do one.

It was pretty uneventful. We stayed at a condo on ASSAWOMAN Drive in OC, MD with our friends. Mason and Jenna are great friends and have been since Jenna was about 14 months old. They met on the playground of the Elementary School where they will both be starting this Fall!

We hit the beach the first two days, but the next two we did not. Carla and I had just about had it with sand all over, in the hair, blah blah. We took all the kids to Pizza Hut on Saturday night so Carla and Kenny could have a night out and then they did the same the next night. On Brian and my night we went to the outlets in Rohobeth and I got some great deals at the Children’s Place and the Gap. $2.99 jeans being one such deal. We then ate at a little place down the road from where we stayed that we love. They have the best hoagie sandwiches!

The first night we walked the Boardwalk, had dinner at an irish pub and spent some time at the amusement park. We accidently traumatized the two older kids. They wanted to ride in the “haunted house” Marlowe wanted to go with me and the 2 bigger kids together- so we did. Marlowe and I were behind them. It did get dark and there was a few things that lit up, but all in all it was just bumpy. I had no clue what we would come out to when we came out of the house. Jenna clinging to Brian, crying hyterically; Mason doing the same to his father. They were terrified in there! I never even thought about them being bothered, especially being together. We only wished we had video taped it for AFHV and won the money!

It was nice to get away. We have another beach trip planned in October for the week of my birthday (yes, I get a whole week!) We are going to Myrtle Beach for 8 days. We booked the biggest room at this place. It’s the Oceanfront Type 14 room. Hopefully I will get to meet a couple of the other mom’s from my 2003 babies group!

For the night of my birthday I am going to make reservations here Mr. Big was pretty shocked that I would be into somewhere like that for a dinner show, but I think it will be fun!

That’s about it for now!! CIAO

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