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Well, she screamed through the whole thing!!  Why?  Because she was WORRIED about the possible shot she didn’t even know if she was getting or not!!  Plus, she ended up having a virus she got 2 days before the visit so he had to do a strep test on her.  Oh Fun.  I did not get to ask him most of my questions because of all the carrying on so I Am going to call this week to see if I can either come in to see him alone, with her under the promise he will not do a thing to her! or talk to him on the phone.  I never had a 5 minute well visit before!  Her height and weight are in the 75%ile and she is testing at 6 years old developmentally, but she tested the same last year.  They used to same test I Did last year and I just had to answer if the 2 NO’s on the questions had changed.  I would have liked a test to see if she was further than that this year, but whatever.  So, she is well!  yay!