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I am beside myself with excitement, elation and joy!  I explained to Princess tonight how Barback Obama will be:


America’s First Black President!*

Bless her heart she was honestly shocked and asked me: “Why!!?”  I did not have an answer but I told her it was a wonderful time for us to be alive and finally see something like this happen.  We said a prayer for Barack and she asked Jesus to help him win. (Is that ok to ask lol)  I also explained to her that people look different on the outside because we all have different color skin, different faces, we are different sizes, but none of it matters and she agreed and understood.  I love the pureness of a child.  She has no idea what kind of history was just made.  More than anything, the right PERSON for the job has been chosen.

*I actually used the word “brown” because Princess told me a long time ago that (her friends) were brown, not black and that we are pink not white so we use the word brown for her.


My baby knows every word to this song and sings it constantly.  We listened to this in the car a gazillion times today and she loves to sing it with the same twang Reese has!!  Listen to the first line – it’s hysterical to listen to her sing it!!!

So, tonight was Kindergarten orientation.  Needless to say on Friday J and I will be going through a whole pile of paperwork.  Between school, Y-care that I Will use on early dismissal days, cheerleading papers, dance papers, learn about lunch and decorate a fish which require me to drag my big scrapbook tote out!  Anyhow, I was watching her sit up front on the floor with her classmates and got misty.  I cannot even wrap my head around how we can be in school now!!  So, Princess J requested something to eat afterwards so we headed to the McD’s drivethru (yes, it was a bad parenting night LOL) while I went through the envelope of papers Miss Wagner gave us.  The last thing she included was a poem.  Basically telling us while we are crying she will be taking care of our children and loving them like her own.  I bawled.  Worst of all, my friend Carla, whose son is starting also (Jenna’s best guy) is a teacher so she cannot be there!  I am meeting a couple friends for lunch that day so I will have a couple hours to keep myself busy before I go pick her up.  She was excited after seeing her room and meeting her teacher but it just made it too much more real for momma.  *sigh*


Nope, not the kind you use on your hair.  The movie and the sound track.  Ask me if I know every word of the movie and every song!  That would be a YES!!  Now ask me if *I* am the one addicted.  That would be a NO!  Jenna is in love with this movie.  She has already decided she is going to be Tracy Turnblad for Halloween!!  No one will know who she is though!  LOL  The MAIN reason she is in love with the movie is because she has a major crush on Link!  She adored him from HSM 1 and 2 and now is so excited that he is in this movie!  What am I in for when she is a teen?  Posters all over!  LOL

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