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So, as of this weekend, my princess is a full fledged swimmer AND puts her head all the way under the water!! We are SOOO proud of her! We, of course, won’t let her swim without us there without the floaters on her arms, but she does it when we are in and around the pool. My friend takes her to the pool with them, but there is one of her and 3 kids so I do not trust something to not happen. I trust my friend, but if one of the kids had an issue and another happened to at the same time, I do not want to put all that on her. Anyhow, she is doing wonderful and we are thrilled WE got to teach her rather than a stranger she does not trust. She is just awesome!


After 2 weekend of working with Jenna really well she can now swim!!  She could swim like a fish with the arm floaties on so we knew she could do it without!  I held her up by her belly and back and slowly started letting go and she would swim to daddy.  Then he started backing up into the deep end so she could not put her feet down.  Mind you, she yells or makes some kind of non-protest every time, but she loves it!   She is a little scared, but loves it.  She is also working on going under.  She gets up to her eyes and comes back up!  It’s supposed to be hot the rest of the week so we will see if we can get in the pool some during the week too!  I am so excited because I was 13 before I actually learned to swim due to a bad private swim teacher at the Y when  I was 7!

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