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Been sick since last Tuesday.  I came home early on Wed and besides a trip to the Dr I did not leave the house again until this morning.  I feel human again but it took a ton of sleep and vegetation.  I did exercise tonight and hope to continue.  I feel much better after except for the tight muscle I have in the back of my thigh!  Mr Big rubbed it out for me but I have a feeling my back needs adjusted to help it loosen up- it screams of sciatica!!

Tomorrow is month 4 of the New You Program and because we went through the holidays since the last I am a bit worried!!  But, life will go on and I am 100% back on track now.  OK 99%!!  That’s about all except for another horrible reality show that I found.  I am way too addicted to bad TV.  It is called Tool Academy and boy- they are all TOOLS!!

Off for a little (do I ever get anything else) sleep!



OK – maybe it is because I am looking for it now because I read something about it, but I have noticed that I do not get as much attention/customer service or care as thinner people.   I noticed today at the bookstore outlet as the employee (male) was right next to me and did not even acknowledge me let alone ask me if I needed help walked up to another gal – smaller than me of course- and asked her if she needed help finding anything.  I left the store and did not look any further.  I plan to make it my mission after I lose weight to point out to people like this what they are doing.  I was at first thinking that I would say something like “well, you did not want to help me 100 pounds ago so I dont need your help now”  but instead, I think I am going to say to them “did you ask her?”  and point out someone heavy or just ask – did you ask the fat girl that was here today or only the ones who look like me??  If I can do this and help just a couple people take notice they need to stop judging like this then my job will be done. 

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